gape 02

When I talk to my mother through a screen, I’m seeing her face, but the light that illuminates her is a projection of my own face “on the other side of the screen”. Am I maybe seeing a double, or maybe triple, interpretation of my person? One undoubted place of blood, flesh and cultural origin, another a decoded image unfolded by satellite extensions. I am then “watching” a deep mirror, passing through a dimension parallel to our somatic universe.

Gonzalo Reyes Araos
Contemporary media generates new forms of perception and therefore reality, enabling intimate relationships across great distance through the generation of parallel temporal and ubiquitous places of encounter, where our emotional universe is encoded and decoded by mathematical codes and “broadcasted” by data relay satellite systems through vast communication networks on the planet.
The binary code, as a unit of information processing, applied to the virtual reproduction of the human experience, manifests the ambivalence and ontological meanings of light, both in a spiritual quality and as a carrier (and transformer) of electrical numerical information regarding emotional human experiences through the net.
Images are not created as the ultimate goal, visual dialogue assumes interruptions due to contingencies of remote broadcasts, somatic experiences and image disturbances, it is reconfigured in a spontaneous conversation face-to-face with a close relative. These events do not expect an aesthetic result, they are rather a “document” of a process of an interactive visual dialogue.


Born in 1956, since 1986 freelance artist, painter and designer. Lives and works in Berlin.
In my artistic work I’m engaged in a variety of ways of pictorial themes and representations. I have drawn for example images on various projects as to the literature of Franz Kafka, Heinrich Heine and James Joyce. Due to my interest in fine arts as well as in music and dance I create interdisciplinary art projects with musicians and dance-performers with the guzhengplayer Xu Fengxia,with the theremin virtuoso Barbara Buchholz.

It’s not about words it’s about music

Encoding – Decoding — or — The Human Body as Interface
Receiving information, processing information, sending information…. Aren’t we, humans, interfaces?
In the performance Decoding-Encoding, choreographer Manon Parent seeks a use of the human body and mind similar to the use of a machine, by means of creating a series of what she calls “algorithms for the human.”
First letting certain information coming into her body, she then processes it, encodes it and finally re-transmits it according to these algorithms. Inputs and outputs vary; different filters enter the game. This selecting-analyzing-coding-sending cycle creates a specifically directed body, sometimes even resembling ours but nevertheless altered, evolving in the parallel dimension visual artist Gonzalo Reyes Araos points out in his works, where the process of information reveals a fragmented reality, a distorted mirror.

Manon Parent is a classically trained violinist, contemporary dancer and choreographer. In 2009 she graduated from the Paris Conservatory in contemporary dance and in 2010 in classical music. In 2012 she benefited from a Fulbright scholarship and studied Body Mind Centering in New York City. She got introduced there to experimental music and performance art ; she has been since then creating her own music and performance pieces. She recently performed as a dancer for Marina Abramovic’s installation “Centerpiece” in Basel, Switzerland.

Eutechnik will perform using Max/MSP (a programming language for multimedia) to generate audio and visuals that explore the appeal of human expression through modern machines.
Eutechnik is a composer and programmer based in Berlin whose output ranges from electronica and sound design to interactive installations and glitch art.

Marti seems convinced that ‘the mystery’ is before us, and he shows it to us. His creative discoveries tell us in some way that we can start from here something that will take us very far.
The pleasure he experiences feels almost like an act of generosity that invites you to attend. One of those artists who in their artistic approach is much of the message. He is the surprise ” (text by Alvaro Pichó)

I disclose my technological heart beat echoing deep through my human void seeking for a jumper on a disfunctioning motherboard
Let’s break out of general relativity Let’s pick a place, next to us. Let’s take our spacetime to celebrate a smile, crossfading toward an infinite moment of mere human connection