gape 04

What does it mean to sacrifice yourself for others that your can not see?
You stand still, and a little micro community may grow upon your shoulders. Little people with little lives and little responsibilities of their own. They have little tiny cares and concerns, work stresses, love problems, family issues. They can be stupid and greedy or drunk and stoned or serious and angry. They could be us, or you or like anyone we know. They may be the little tiny worst or the tiny little the best. You will never see them, and they will never know you are there. You are just the earth to them, the little cities growing on your shoulders.

The question is, do you care?
Would you shrug?

Art exhibtion by Amy Alexander


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A performance art piece by Maria De Faria with Borbála Szente, Sarah Darge, Amy Alexander and Dylan Bakker. Drawing by pedda Borowski

The analog 2.5-D mini theater. Original funny stories with SHOXXX’s illustrations, drawings, small figures, etc. They unfold on a small table using various analog techniques & tricks. Setting a camera above the table, and reflect the live mini theater on a big screen by a projector. Please don’t miss this analog 2.5-dimensional mini theater!!!

The Berlin Soundpainting Orchestra consists of a dozen of experimental musicians, from violin to saxophone player, through electronic geek and opera singer, who joyfully improvise together, under the directions of Hada Benedito. They use Soundpainting, a sign language conceived in the 70’s and used to compose live within a group. Their music could be described as a trip of obscure and colorful images, an expansive way of traveling among improvisation and contemporary music, beyond free jazz.

Work in Progress
A sound we hear almost every day. A sound to communicate and activate emotions, play with the scale of empathy and volumes of intentions.

Movements are sounds activated from intentions, thoughts are sounds, creating rooms, spaces where new energy is engaged. Is it possible recognise when the energy shifts in a space? and what makes it shift?

In recent years I developed a conceptual approach to dance theatre, in which a situation is created on stage in order to examine and highlight different aspects of the relationship between the audience and the performers. My works has taken the form of an ongoing research project, based on an interaction system focuses on the audience and its influence on the development of the performance, which consist of previously established elements (structure, choreography, texts or voice as sounds) as well as improvisation.

EpistemAesth #2 (20 to 30min)
Result of a laboratory at Ida Nowhere in January 2015. What moves from inside or what is unhidden if standing in a column of cardboard? And what would be the song or the noise supporting this kinetical experience? With a little help of two assistants… The title as a contraction of Epistemology & Aesthetics. Try to enlarge the panorama of our beliefs, regarding knowledge in the face of a simple, evident situation. What’s behind this truth that whatever the way we look we miss something of the presence!? What’s beyond the intention to offer my presence as an echo!?-

Machine evokes emotion, planet earth. (Music)