gape 07 – Time Will Tell

gape 07 – Time will tell
The ouroboros signifies the cyclic process of time, the snake makes an endless self-supporting system renewing itself by devouring itself. Holding together and harmonising the opposites of life and death, light and dark, destruction and creation.
Transformation is the process of growth and decay which take place in nature giving the ability to rise in a series of different forms.
In amongst ruins stand strong defiant figures. Powerful queens who rise up from the ashes of their collapsed empire; like the resurrection of the phoenix who continues to renew itself through death and re-birth. Symbolising renewal, the sun, time, empire and metamorphosis.

Additional artist statement
My painting’s are staged around a strong female character. Painting women allows me to unock a part of myself, which I feel resides in them, becoming both a transformative and reflective process. They evolve from performance based photo-shoots, integrating costume and movement. Translating this threw paint I explore my visual language via the female figure and it’s expression.


Ksenia Guinea / Au Contraire

Natsuko Kono

Yotam Livne
Schrodinger’s Son
Performance and video

improvised groove ensemble

Lady Gaby
Spokenword Art Performer

The Fake Masters

At Greenhouse 8th floor in collaboration with Plateau Gallery
Entrance €5 unwaged ,€10 waged, €15 patron