gape 08 – Acute Trapezoid

1. An acute trapezoid is also an isosceles trapezoid, if its sides
(“legs”) have the same length, and the base angles have the same
measure. It has reflection symmetry.(background)

2. An emaciated male of unclear age, topped with an absurd
late-eighteenth century wig again and again in
three-quarter (best) profile, vignettes that never quite resolve and the
lowbrow forms shaking throughout.(foreground)

3. Cut the head off a pyramid and the body will survive. Headless
hierarchy. (grounding)

Featuring 6 unique performances inspired by the artwork

Tatsumi Ryusui
Ambient Drone
Adam Goodwin & Ching Liu (aka Wojtek Bajda)
Double Bass/Moog Taurus
www.xingberlin.tumblr.comvodor l zeck
Interplanetary komputer Electronic Ambient

pedda Borowski – Das nächste Dorf
Drawing and storytelling

Muck Muñoz & Du Champ
Movement and sound performance

Sound and Performance