Time Will Tell

Hello gapers. We are super happy to be back with 6 more monthly editions of gape. We thought it was too good not to continue. So starting January 23rd 2016 we are super happy to host you once again in Berlin’s experimental lounge.

Our artist is the painter Millie Gleeson! And this is her gape text:

Time will tell
The ouroboros signifies the cyclic process of time, the snake makes an endless self-supporting system renewing itself by devouring itself. Holding together and harmonising the opposites of life and death, light and dark, destruction and creation.

Transformation is the process of growth and decay which take place in nature giving the ability to rise in a series of different forms.

In amongst ruins stand strong defiant figures. Powerful queens who rise up from the ashes of their collapsed empire; like the resurrection of the phoenix who continues to renew itself through death and re-birth. Symbolising renewal, the sun, time, empire and metamorphosis.


Our open call is still in place…….. Just visit the application page